Wedding Flameless LED Candles

Flameless LED candles are a beautiful and convenient way to add candlelight to your special day.

Flameless LED Candle Wedding Decor Candle Impressions

Here's just a couple of reasons why going flameless is a popular choice for wedding decor:

  • LED candles comply with even the strictest fire codes; many venues have banned open-flame candles
  • They won't blow out in the wind or accidentally by guests 
  • You won't have to worry about wax damage on table, linen or accessory rentals
  • Flameless candles will remain pristine all night for a picture-perfect look that lasts
  • Timers and remote controls will create instant, hassle-free candlelight without the need for a wedding planner to light them
  • They make for great favors and keepsakes

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