Candle Impressions FAQ

Who is "Candle Impressions"?

We’re Candle Impressions®—the first in flameless™ and a leader in the LED candle industry. We have thousands of different flameless candle styles, some of which we sell on this website, but we have many more that are sold wholesale to retailers and establishments in the hospitality industry. We are praised for our realistic wick design, superior battery run times and phenomenal features, including timers and remote controls. Most of the LED candles on this website are by Candle Impressions. 

Who is "Inglow"?

Inglow®, like Candle Impressions, has the realistic wick design flameless candle shoppers love. Although Inglow candles may have different styles and features than Candle Impressions, we have the same dedication to quality and beautiful candlelight. 

Who is "Paradise"?

Paradise® is a leader in the outdoor lighting industry, with a special focus on LED and solar garden lighting. Paradise products feature the latest technology with attention to detail and superior quality. To learn more about Paradise, please visit their website.

What does "Private Label" mean?

When you see "Private Label" on a product page instead of "Candle Impressions," all it means is the product has been put into a third-party box. You'll still be receiving our beautiful candlelight and top-quality, just not in a box marked as Candle Impressions. 

What is the battery life of your flameless LED candles?

The amount of time your candle will last on a single set of batteries will vary from product to product, but typically it is based on the type of batteries it takes and the features it has. The larger the battery, the longer the battery life. 

   1 CR2032 Battery | Approximately 120 Hours  

   1 CR2450 Battery with Timer | Approximately 120 Hours

   2 AA Batteries | Approximately 500 Hours 

   2 C Batteries | Approximately 1,000 Hours

   2 D Batteries | Approximately 1,000+ Hours 

To optimize the battery life of your candle, please use new and brand name batteries. If your candle comes with a 5-Hour Timer, please set it as it will optimize the battery life. 

How do I set my timer, use my remote control and/or change coin batteries? 

If you need assistance setting your timer, using our remote controls or changing a coin battery, please visit our help video page for detailed video tutorials. 

My remote control has stopped working. What do I do? 

If the remote control on your candles has stopped working, it's likely because the batteries in your candle are running low. Please change the batteries in your candles with new and brand name batteries. If that doesn't work, please also change the battery in your remote. If you still cannot get the remote to work, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

What is your shipping time and method? 

All of our orders will ship via UPS and you are able to select the expediency rate based off of your timeline and budget. The order will leave our warehouse in British Columbia, Canada within 2 - 3 business days (you must add on the shipping time to this period to estimate the arrival of your package).

What is your return policy? 

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase from our website, you may return it within 30 days. The product must be undamaged, in original packaging with all parts included and accompanied by the receipt for proof of purchase with a Return Authorization number written on it (see below for more info). You will be refunded the cost of the good within 10 business days of our receipt of the item, minus shipping. If you received free shipping, we will subtract the cost of shipping from the return. 

How do I make a return? 

If you would like to return a product that has been purchased within 30 days, please contact us here with your invoice on-hand to receive a RA (Return Authorization) number. Once the number is obtained, please print a copy of your receipt and clearly write the RA number on it. Please then ship the item to us, undamaged and in original packaging with all parts included, to the applicable address below with the receipt enclosed. We highly recommend selecting a shipper with tracking information available to ensure we receive the goods as we do not cover shipping or refund items lost in transit. 


    CI Returns
    C/O Ultimate Source
    14171 Fern Ave
    Chino, CA 91710.

What is your warranty policy?

Our warranty varies from product-to-product, but typically it is 12 months from date of purchase unless stated otherwise in the instruction manual. Please note our warranty only applies for items deemed to have a manufacturer's defect. 

How do I make a warranty claim?

If you purchased your product from our website within the last 12 months and would like to make a warranty claim, please contact us here and be prepared with the item number of your product and receipt for proof of purchase.  

Can't find your answer?

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us to let us know. We'll answer your question and do our best to update the website as soon as possible.