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Candle Impressions Mirage LED Flameless Candle Timer Remote Control Battery Instructions

Click one of the below thumbnails to learn how to set your timer, use remote controls and change coin-style batteries for Candle Impressions and Mirage LED candles. 

If you need some extra assistance, please give our customer service team a toll-free call at 1.888.644.4373 x 603 and they'll be happy to help


Please don't be concerned if the color or size of your buttons are different; choose your video based on the number of buttons on the bottom of your candle as the same instructions will apply. 

Candle Impressions Mirage Programmable Timer          Candle Impressions 5 Hour Timer         Candle Impressions 5 10 Hour Timer Instructions
Candle Impressions Mirage 5 10 Hour Timer         Candle Impressions Mirage Taper 5 Hour Timer

Remote Controls

Candle Impressions Mirage Remote Control Instructions         Candle Impressions Mirage Remote Control Timer

Battery Changes

 Candle Impressions Battery Change